Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Good Training Days

A few things I love about training in Boston:

  • Hearing the cannon go off in the Navy Yard when I’m walking home from the Charlestown YMCA after my morning swim.  I know it’s 8 am.  I know I’ll be just on time, if not a little late, to work.  And, I feel strong and happy.
  • Evening runs along the Charles River
  • Getting lost on the roads near Walden Pond, only to find myself on another route I know – even if it adds 20 miles to the ride
  • Treating myself to coffee at Sorelle or Zumes
  • The quiet of Broadway Ave in Somerville before 6 am.  I try to meet up with my teammates at least one Tu/Th a week for a morning ride and swim around Mystic Lakes.
  • The triathlon community center at Walden – Sat AM, you’re bound to bump into a friend!