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Product Review: K-Swiss K-Ona

My new K Swiss Sneaks

My new K Swiss Sneaks

Thanks to the my volunteer efforts with the Dextro Energy World Championship Series Race in DC this year, I had the chance to pick out a new pair of K-Swiss.  You probably are thinking, why do you want tennis sneakers if you race triathlon?  Well, K-Swiss has been breaking into the running, and more specifically, the triathlon scene.  Their latest shoe – the K Ona (umm..Kona…as in Ironman) – is designed just for tris.  It’s light and has great ventilation!  I tested it out on a short taper run on Sunday and another today.  Both on the treadmill and the sidewalk, the shoe felt great!  I thought I would take my Fast Fulcrum Ride sneaks to Wisconsin as my back up pair, but now I’m not so sure.