Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Mooseman Photos

Check out some photos from this weekend’s race! Click on the photo below to see more.

Mooseman 2009

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Mooseman Race Report

I spent so much time naming my new Scott Plasma (CK), I never stopped to consider that I might have some new nicknames post-accident.  Apparently, I do.  And, I learned them quickly on Saturday morning before the International distance Mooseman triathlon race.

In no particular order, the new nicknames include: “You’re that girl!” “hey – you look great,” “wow, your face,” and simply “hey-wow!”  It’s three weeks post-accident and many of my Wheelworks teammates and DC friends had not seen me since the crash when my face was an awful bloody mess.  So, it was good to hear the positive responses.  My favorite response was from the body marking volunteers at transition.  One volunteer complimented me on CK, so I told her it was treat after landing in their local hospital three weeks ago (oh yeah, the race site was about 10 miles from Plymouth and Speare Memorial Hospital).  She replies, “OH!  You’re the girl that crashed in Franconia!” Either it’s a really small town up there, or there have not been many exciting accidents.

Pre-race transition area

Pre-race transition area

The Race:

Amy and I headed down to the swim start around 7 am.  It was fun to see Beck, Emily, Jen, Sunny, Matt, Alyson and some other WWMS folks on the beach.  Amy and I were in the 5th wave – bright pink caps.  The water at Newfound Lake was supposedly a crisp 60 degrees.  I felt strong through the swim.  It was only my second time swimming post-crash.  But, by the time I exited the water, I was dizzy and my hands and feet were completely numb. What a treat to have wet suit strippers!  If only they could have put my shoes and cycling gloves on for me too.  I sat in transition for a while trying to get my hands to work.  Gave up.  Threw my gloves down, put my sunglasses in my mouth and rolled out.  Swim total: 26:41

It took a few miles on the bike before I could feel my toes again.  I was sporting my new WWMS tri top, which I quickly learned ejects anything put in the pockets.  Who puts pockets on the side of a tri top anyway?  They’re supposed to be on the back!  So I was left with just one gu and one bottle of gatorade after only a mile into the 27.25 hilly ride.  The ride was hilly, but no Black Bear.  I stayed in my aero bars a fair amount and only got a little frightened on one down hill.  CK was definitely a good choice to help me regain my confidence.  Bike total: 1:35

The run started off a little odd  – I couldn’t feel my right foot at all.  Something has been up with my right leg since the crash.  I decided to just keep hitting the foot against the pavement until it woke up – which it did by mile 2.  There were two steep little hills in the run.  I walked them, and felt really fresh to run, so I think it was a good choice.  I saw Amy on the run and she was looking strong and full of energy.  She’s such a rockstar for her first triathlon!   Run: 55:36

Total for my first olympic race: 3:04

Overall, I felt good.  I didn’t push it at all and just used this race to regain my confidence.  I might have had a little too much left at the end of the race because I really wanted to go paddle on the lake.   I’m really excited to train more now and see what I can do!

The rest of the weekend was fantastic!  Here are a couple highlights:

  • Kimberly and I had ice cream while we waited in line for a table at the Big Catch on Saturday night.
  • Sunday morning, I sat on the porch of our cabin overlooking the lake and sipped a cup of coffee before heading down to cheer for the girls.
  • I met some great folks from the North Shore Triathlon Club and watched the race with them
  • I lost my cellphone while trying to capture Kimberly, AJ, Julie and Angela on film crossing the finish line.  The race crew found it – and the announcer called my Mom and Dad!  I got the phone back, and reassured Mom and Dad that I was OK, not off to a hospital again!
  • All my DC girls had PR’s on the Half Ironman course!  Woohoo!  Can’t wait to cheer them on in Placid!

Oh, and if any of you are ever thinking about doing Mooseman, Timberman or any other race by Keith Jordan, you should definitely sign up.  The race was extremely well run: great volunteers, great food (ice cream and maragaritas!), good signage and great t-shirts, hats, etc.  I’ll be at Mooseman next year for sure.


Mooseman Here I Come

I’m heading up to New Hampshire for the Mooseman Triathlon this weekend.  This race is full of a lot of “firsts” for me.  So here goes the list.

Mooseman is my FIRST:

  • Full Olympic distance race: 1.5K swim, 44K bike, and 10K run!  I kinda skipped over Olys in the past few years, only swimming in a relay last year.
  • Race on my new tri bike!
  • Race with my good college friend Amy – and her very FIRST triathlon!
  • Joint club/team race – I’ll be cheering for and racing with friends from DC Tri and Wheelworks Multisport.  I wonder which team’s tri top I should wear?
  • Journey back into the mountains of New Hampshire since my crash…(gulp)

I’m excited and nervous, but mostly just looking forward to an awesome weekend of playing outside with great friends.