Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Product Review: MooMotion Indie Tri Kit

Finding the right clothing is a bit of a never-ending journey in the world of triathlon.  The legs pinch too much, the tops are too short, the padding in the bike shorts doesn’t last for 100+ mile rides (minus my favorite De Soto shorts), swim caps slip…and if you’re a woman, the internal bras in tri tops never provide enough support.  In addition to the perils of finding the right fitting gear, we female triathletes are often searching for the right style.  There’s a limit to how many daisies you can wear at once.

I’m excited to introduce you all to MooMotion.  It’s a new line of multi-sport attire for women.  Based on the mantra of “work hard, play harder,” this new line of apparel has great style, flattering lines, and quality material.  I met Melissa Moo, the founder of Moo Motion recently and had the chance to try one of the first kits out of the factory. You can try out MooMotion for yourself at the GGTC Vendor Expo on March 4th or at the Tri Mania Expo in NYC on March 16th.  

MooMotion Indie

The full Indie Kit

What I Love About MooMotion (after a test ride in the kit during my morning workout at M2 Revolution):

  • The colors!  Beautiful hues that mirror those found in my work wardrobe.
  • The fabric – From Italy, it is smooth and wicking.  Plus, the tri top has great breathable mesh in the right places
  • Length of the tops – Both the tri top and the matching jacket have long silhouettes, so you don’t need to worry about your top creeping up and getting sunburn on your back during your long days on the road.
  • The matching jacket and top with the Indie style.  I have never looked so put together!
  • The tri top is also fantastic.  It reminds me of the Orca tri tops, I once loved.  Better than Orca, MooMotion left the back pockets open to make it easy to reach your shot blocks and gu. The top also has a hidden cleavage pocket which could be perfect for a house key.
MooMotion kit

Test ride in MooMotion at M2


Again ladies, you can test MooMotion out for yourself – and possibly even win a free kit at the GGTC Vendor Expo on March 4th or at the Tri Mania Expo in NYC on March 16th.    Not in SF or NY?  No problem, the online shop is now open.

I look forward to trying a few other styles myself…and maybe crossing the line of IMLP in one of these kits.


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Holiday Tri-Guide

On behalf of Triathlete’s Choice (a new site for gear recommendation for triathletes), I compiled a “wish list” for Old St. Nick.  Looking for a great gift for a triathlete you know too?  Whether the person is a novice or a seasoned Ironman, I selected these items to suit any type of triathlete.  I also highlighted some cool finds that will help your triathlete juggle work, family, travel, and training.

Stocking Stuffers

 Arm Warmers: Season Five’s Atmos 1.0 arm sleeves are waterproof and super warm – perfect for winter cycling.  Castelli’s lycra arm warmers are great for more moderate climates, where you need more than just a jersey and less than a jacket. ($25-50)

Race Belt: Why bother with safety pins when you can easily attach your race number and adjust its position with a race belt?  Choose a color to match the team kit. ($7-$12)

Water Bottle Stuffed with Nutrition: Clean Bottle’s  ($10) unique design allows you to remove the base for a thorough wash.  Our recommendation: Take one Clean Bottle and fill it up with energy bars, gels, shot blocks and other nutrition.  Share the holiday spirit by including some of Cliff Bar’s seasonal flavors including Pepermint Stick, Iced Gingerbread, and Spiced Pumpkin Pie.

Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50: Sun and wind protection all in one.  Essential for cycling, running, or any cross-season snow sports. $26

Out of Sight Socks: We’re not talking about a case of the missing sock, but rather the Hidden Comfort socks from Balega  ($12) that have a low profile that keeps the socks out of sight, and still prevents ankle rubbing.

For the Traveling Triathlete

Single Serving Sports Drinks:  These individual serving sized packets are easy to pack.  No more fuss with measuring cups or plastic bags.   ($1-3 per pack)

Workout at the Westin:  Westin Hotels have teamed up with New Balance to provide shoes and clothing during a stay for $5 USD.  Give a gift card for a Westin stay and make packing a little lighter.

Find a Route, Track Goals: Sign them up for Map My Run, Strava Premium ($60/year), RunKeeper or a similar app to help them find running routes in new cities or keep track of workouts and mileage.

TriBike Transport: Help your athlete get his or her bike to the next race safely.  Sign up for shipping via TriBike Transport. ($300 per race)

Patagonia Merino Base Gloves: Pack light with this pair of universal gloves – perfect for a morning run and subtle enough to wear to the business meeting.  ($35)

Bicycle Wine Rack: If travel means mixing business and pleasure, this leather wine rack holder will be essential for those rides from Napa to Italy.  ($34)

For the Gear Head

Garmin Forerunner 910XT: More than just a GPS device, this device tracks swim metrics, cycling cadence, running pace, elevation gain and more.  ($450)

Rapha jacket: Style and substance all in one.  These jackets will keep you warm and dry through year round training.  ($150-$450)

Yaktrax Run: Keep your footing in snowy and slippery conditions by adding these grippers to your favorite running shoes.  ($40)

Race Day Wheels:  Give the gift of lightweight wheels.  Purchase a gift card or reserve wheels for your athlete’s A race.  ($150)


For the New Triathlete

Reading Essentials:

The Triathlete’s Training Bible

Multisport Training Plans

 USAT Membership:  A year-long membership is essential for any athlete racing in USAT sanctioned races.  Plus, membership provides more discounts and resources! ($45) 

Garmin Forerunner: This straightforward and fashionable watch accurately measures distance and pace without an array of overwhelming and unnecessary features. ($130)


To Zipp or Not to Zipp

About 4 years ago, I invested in some new wheels.  Easton EA 90TT.  To be honest, I didn’t do too much research.  I just trusted a few friends who swore by Easton. I’ve been happy until this year, and now these wheels make me down right nervous.

In the past 10 months, I’ve broken 3 spokes on my rear wheel. When a spoke breaks on CK (my Scott Plasma bike), I’m totally out of luck.  The wheel doesn’t turn.  I’m stuck.  Thanks to these broken spokes, I’ve hitchhiked in the East Bay, called friends for rescue rides twice and this past weekend was sagged in the last 10 miles of the Marin Century ride.

Why is this happening?  And, what do I do if a spoke breaks during IM Canada?

I asked a few of my buddies who have been in the cycling industry for a while for their advice.  Turns out Easton wheels have a bit of a bad reputation!  They are known for having some structural problems, including broken spokes.

So, here are my options for IM Canada:

  • Risk it with the Easton Wheels
  • Put the original Shimanos back on the bike
  • Rent Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers for the race

I think I’ll look into renting the Zipps!


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Product Review: DeSoto 400 mile short

I have been in dire need of a new pair of cycling and/or tri shorts for a few weeks.  With my longest ride to date scheduled for this past Saturday, I figured it was finally about time I made my way to Sports Basement to find a new pair of shorts. It seems I’m not the only Ironman athlete who finds gear shopping an acceptable way to spend a Friday night.  I bumped into two other IM Canada folks at the store.

I may have tried on every pair of shorts in the tri department.  Zoots have an awful leg seam and rough edge on the padding. TYR shorts have a ridiculous design that makes it look like I put a leotard over my bike shorts.  Sugoi were cut very small.  And just when it seemed like I would suffer the same fate as Goldilocks, I found the shorts that were just right!  De Soto 400 mile is it.

Why I like them:De Soto shorts

  • The padding actually extends into the legs a little which helps provide more coverage and protection against your bike seat
  • While a cycling short first, it can actually be used in triathlons
  • The pad actually floats and stretches – you can feel it move with you as your position changes from climbing a hill to being in aero
  • It has a great back pocket

I was a little worried that the shorts were a little sheer, but friends assured me they were ok.  I wore them for the Marin Century on Saturday and had no complaints.  I think I found a winner for Ironman Canada!

I did add one more item to the wish list once I found the shorts (thanks to talking to the other IM athletes).  It’s a rather unusual piece of gear, but I covet an M-dot diamond necklace.  That may be my first post-race purchase!  I may “owe it to myself” when I complete this third Ironman.

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Gear Review: Sneakers and Saddles

Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Weight: 9.4 oz

I just got these new sneakers, thanks to The Nation’s Triathlon!  Craft and Karhu are sponsors of this year’s race – and I’m a brand ambassador for the race.

I wore the sneaks at the Wheelworks Multisport track practice at Tufts University last night.   The shoe has a low profile around the ankle, which made it feel a little loose on my left foot.  By the end of the workout, my left toes were rubbing a little too.  I do LOVE the colors!  And, the shoes are incredibly light! Overall, I was satisfied with the shoes and plan to put some more mileage on them.  I’ll still wear my trusty Brooks Glycerin for IM Wisconsin though.

Specialized Toupe Saddle

The standard saddle that came with my Scott Plasma has been driving me crazy!  Short or long rides, it was uncomfortable!  And, I’m not that picky about my seats!  So, I was in the bike shop after a 75 mile ride on Saturday and quickly realized I had no more time to waffle about getting a new bike seat – IM MOO is less than a month away!  The selection at the shop was minimal, but the guys were cool and let me test out a few.  How you decide on a saddle online is still a mystery to me.

I selected the Specialized Toupe Saddle.  It’s a minimalist road saddle.  I love that its light and small!  It’s probably not the proper saddle for my bike.  But, I liked it after a 75 mile ride and in regular shorts.  So, that’s got to be worth something.  Oh, and Wheelworks said if I didn’t like the seat after a week, I could exchange it!  How great is that? We’ll see if I’m still satisfied after my big ride this weekend.

Specialized Toupe Saddle

Specialized Toupe Saddle