Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation


You probably think I have a long history in running and triathlons to do an Ironman. The truth is, until this 2008, I had never done a triathlon longer than the Sprint distance. While I have a background in swimming and cycling, I was no runner. “How many marathons have you done?” ask many people. “Ummm…none,” I would reply. Despite the distances and my seeming lack of preparedness, Ironman Lake Placid seemed to be just the thing for me.

So what on earth possessed me to sign up for an Ironman in 2008?

Steelman Sprint 2006!

  1. Two persuasive and sometimes persistent friends
  2. The Ironman Community Fund – I secured one of the final six spots in December 2007!
  3. I was turning 30 in November ’08
  4. I needed a big new goal – Kilimanjaro done, Patagonia done, Moonlight Monument ride done, etc
  5. My roots are in upstate NY! I grew up falling in love with the outdoors around Keene and Keene Valley – the IMLP bike ride goes right through there!

One thought on “Why IMLP?

  1. Go Sara, we’re rooting for you (from the comfort of our air conditioned home 🙂 I love Lake Placid… wish we could be there to cheer you on in person. We recently returned from a month in Morocco and look forward to catching up post-ironman. Salma is still waiting to meet you!

    Colleen, Hamid, & Salma

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