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Product Review: MooMotion Indie Tri Kit

Finding the right clothing is a bit of a never-ending journey in the world of triathlon.  The legs pinch too much, the tops are too short, the padding in the bike shorts doesn’t last for 100+ mile rides (minus my favorite De Soto shorts), swim caps slip…and if you’re a woman, the internal bras in tri tops never provide enough support.  In addition to the perils of finding the right fitting gear, we female triathletes are often searching for the right style.  There’s a limit to how many daisies you can wear at once.

I’m excited to introduce you all to MooMotion.  It’s a new line of multi-sport attire for women.  Based on the mantra of “work hard, play harder,” this new line of apparel has great style, flattering lines, and quality material.  I met Melissa Moo, the founder of Moo Motion recently and had the chance to try one of the first kits out of the factory. You can try out MooMotion for yourself at the GGTC Vendor Expo on March 4th or at the Tri Mania Expo in NYC on March 16th.  

MooMotion Indie

The full Indie Kit

What I Love About MooMotion (after a test ride in the kit during my morning workout at M2 Revolution):

  • The colors!  Beautiful hues that mirror those found in my work wardrobe.
  • The fabric – From Italy, it is smooth and wicking.  Plus, the tri top has great breathable mesh in the right places
  • Length of the tops – Both the tri top and the matching jacket have long silhouettes, so you don’t need to worry about your top creeping up and getting sunburn on your back during your long days on the road.
  • The matching jacket and top with the Indie style.  I have never looked so put together!
  • The tri top is also fantastic.  It reminds me of the Orca tri tops, I once loved.  Better than Orca, MooMotion left the back pockets open to make it easy to reach your shot blocks and gu. The top also has a hidden cleavage pocket which could be perfect for a house key.
MooMotion kit

Test ride in MooMotion at M2


Again ladies, you can test MooMotion out for yourself – and possibly even win a free kit at the GGTC Vendor Expo on March 4th or at the Tri Mania Expo in NYC on March 16th.    Not in SF or NY?  No problem, the online shop is now open.

I look forward to trying a few other styles myself…and maybe crossing the line of IMLP in one of these kits.