Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Back to the Beginning: IMLP 2013

5 years ago, I signed up for my first Ironman race in Lake Placid, NY.  It was an incredible experience – the location, my training buddies, the support of my family and friends.  I’ve completed IM Wisconsin and IM Canada since then.  I’ve trained in DC, Boston, and San Francisco.  But nothing compares to Lake Placid.  That’s why on July 28, 2013 I’m returning to where it all began to race Ironman Lake Placid 2013.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has a strong affinity for IMLP.  I’m psyched to be joined by my friends across the country for IMLP 2013.  The athlete line up (as I know right now) includes:

  • Colin Reese – 2008 & 2010 veteran
  • Eric Johannessen – 2009 & 2010 veteran
  • Tom Carroll – 2008 veteran
  • AJ Morrison – 2009 veteran
  • Angela Dilks Alvey – 2009 veteran
  • Joe Coyne – 2008 veteran
  • Kathryn Walsh Siehndel
  • Karen Willard – 2011 veteran
  • Daphne Feng – 2008 veteran
  • Sara Hoenshelt – 2008 veteran
  • Julie Kennedy – 2009 veteran
  • Matt Ferguson

Any other DC, Boston, SF peeps sign up?  Let me know so I can add your name to the list.  The Strope family is seriously thinking it might be time to invest in a training camp on the lake!