Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Signing off as guest blogger

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I wanted to sign off as guest blogger for now (thanks Sara!), but not before acknowledging a few things about the sport. Last night as I blogged Sara’s finish, I was a little too dazed to do so properly.

Triathlon is an intruiguing sport – to many who don’t compete, the idea of a spring seems difficult; and Ironman seems impossible. Crazy, even. “Wait, she’s swimming how far? Biking… 112 miles? And then a MARATHON??? All in the same day?”


I clearly remember the first time Sara mentioned she was considering doing IMLP in 2008. Though I’m not a triathlete, somehow the idea didn’t seem far fetched. Maybe it was what I know about Sara’s own drive that made me feel that way, and before long I could see just how seamlessly her training fit into her life. The commitment a triathlete puts towards every aspect of their life is impressive to me. You have to train properly to avoid injury and to prepare, while at the same time balancing that with other aspects of your life that may not be tied to tris.

What you are all capable of is inspiring and incredible. I know the months that go towards training, and the intense dedication you all exhibit. When I think of Sara racing, I can still see the big smile on her face each time she came through town in 2008’s IMLP. That genuine commitment and love for the sport is even more clear when you see how many Ironman finishers sign on for other Ironman races. Ultimately, I’m trying to express what a humbling experience it is to be part of this sport, even as a supporter. You all make it look effortless, and fun.

Signing off here now. Again, congratulations to Sara and all the other Ironman competitors and finishers from IM Canada! I look forward to hearing and reading Sara’s account of race day!


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