Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation


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Tracking Sara (again bib #2534) on for IMCA!

I’ll be posting information on Sara’s times for the swim, bike and run during her IM. The swim will list one time, and both the bike and run are split into 2 parts. There are also transition times from her swim-bike and bike-run that we’ll follow!

Sara’s parents are in Penticton today cheering her along, and we’ll be in touch hopefully as well. From what I understand, the course doesn’t round back through town several times like in IMLP, so we’ll see whether they are able to snap a photo of her along the way!

Another practical matter – what did Sara decide to wear? While the “Organ Donor 4 Life” shirt got much consideration, practicality won out for such a long race. Why? Well, best to wear a shirt/tank designed for the long haul. In other words: POCKETS. She needs plenty of pockets to keep her energized throughout the race. Also, as I attempted to point out in one of my blog comments, chafing could be a concern with a shirt not specifically designed for such activity (granted, this is a concern regardless!)

So in lieu of Sara wearing her shirt to further her cause, Andrew and I are doing so in place of this (as you can see above). Her parents may also be sporting the red threads and will be making the cause very visible during race day. In NYC, however, we’re mostly bound indoors due to the (now slightly downgraded) Tropical Storm!

Sara will be wearing a black tri shirt during the bike, and her red GGTC tri-shirt during the run.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back with more updates after the swim:



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