Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Bike Sum Up

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The weather may be a bit tricky out there. When I checked the temperature in Penticton a few hours ago it was in the high 70s (the high was forecasted for 93). A few hours later, it read 82 degrees. Not ideal weather for IM!

At last post, the weather currently in Penticton was 84.

I hope all the athletes are staying well hydrated and strong!

Back to the bike – she’s now completed the bike portion and is already well on her way running! Her time for the 69.5mi of the remainder of the bike course was 4:37:03 at a pace of 15.05mph. Overall, the bike total is 7:03:11. Making great time!

I’ve also heard from her parents in Penticton who have managed to see her and sent this text: “Just saw Sara transition from bike to run – she is strong”

We’re still cheering over here in NYC!! Wearing my red jersey proudly! Go Sara go!!!
I’ll update everyone again midway thru the run!


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