Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Back in the Swim of Things

One the best things from training for my first Ironman in 2008 was the swim bunch that met regularly in DC – at either the Eastern Market pool or the Catholic University pool.  We rotated who brought the workout.  We chatted between sets.  We  got coffee after our AM workouts and sometimes a beer after our evening swims.  Swimming + Socializing = One Satisfied Sara!

Thanks in part to a stress fracture (and a short running hiatus), I’m back in the pool on a regular basis.  Wednesday and Friday mornings you can now find me at USF Koret.  Oh, and it turns out there’s a good group from both Golden Gate Tri Club and SF Tri Club there on those mornings too.

Here’s my workout from this AM:

Warm Up:

1×400 – 200 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull

6×50 – drill 25, swim 25

Main Set:

1×500 – Swim

3×200 – 50 kick, 100 swim, 50 kick

1×500 – Swim

4×200 – 50 ez, 50 fast

Cool down:

200 easy

I’m always looking for more workouts.  Please share your favorites with me!  And, if you live in SF – come join me at Koret or take me to another pool (love the Olympic Club!).