Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation


Under Pressure

IM Louisville 2010

Should I stay or should I go now?

Two friends – both first time IM participants are in.  Could be exciting!  But, I promised to take a year off.  Then again, Louisville was cooler than Madison this past year!



IronWoman at Work

I work as a producer at an interactive web design firm. It’s a fairly confusing term in the world of the web. While people seem to understand the role of producer in a film or a tv series, it has not translated well to other media. So, my colleagues and I often find ourselves making comparisons and sharing analogies to describe what I do. And yesterday, I finally brought home the comparison to my true love – triathlon.

“Think of me as your Ironman or marathon coach. I’m going to be with you from the day you start your training all the way to the finish line on race day. I’m going to help you figure out how to plan your time, execute at races, account for your nutrition, and keep you on track.”

Ah ha! That’s it! I think I successfully pulled together my day-to-day work life with my recreation and passion. It especially makes sense, as my colleagues see me running from meeting to meeting. And, as we learned earlier this year, runners do make good employees. Finally, it’s exactly my triathlon background that prepares me for the workplace. Check out this article on a woman who counts on the team building skills she learns on the soccer field to help her at work. As a triathlete and interactive producer, I need to constantly juggle multiple sports and projects at the same time. I have to outline my race goals for the season to set expectations for myself, my family and teammates – just like my clients need to set out conversion goals for their websites to measure their success. I need to set forth a training plan, steer it on my own, and be conscious of when I need the help of other experts (coaches, teammates, nutritionists, doctors). Sounds pretty similar to setting project plans, strategy, timelines and deliverables for my clients, right?

The next time you need a colleague or business partner to plan a strategy, set a timeline, keep things on course, execute a plan, and measure success, consider a triathlete to be your best bet.