Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Updates from Madison

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Good morning all!

I woke up on my own this morning, just before 7am EST. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I text Sara this information (knowing she wouldn’t get the message until later tonight). Later in the 7 o’clock hour, I was checking on the athletes, and NO ONE had come in from the swim yet? How could there be no updates?

Finally, I saw an update closer to 8am EST stating the pros had gone out. Yes, I forgot that WI is in CDT.

Right now, I’m watching the IMOO LIVE on It’s a beautiful start to the day. The sun is reflecting beautifully on a calm lake, now disturbed with flashes of flailing arms. Having this vantage point is pretty amazing. I’m getting a full commentary as well as a bird’s eye view at times. The pros have started to file out of the water, and are starting the ride as of about 10 minutes ago.

Beth text and called me as well, and reports that Sara looked great this morning before the race. The weather right now is idyllic, but of course there’s the concern of the high of the day – estimated to hit about 83 degrees. That’s about 10 degrees warmer than the athletes would like, I’m sure.

I asked Beth if she wouldn’t mind sharing some mobile photos throughout the day as she’s able, and she sent me this wonderful picture to start. You can see the athletes swimming in the background. Thanks so much, Beth!


More updates as I get them. Sara should be coming out of the water soon, I’ll keep you posted!


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