Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

IM Moo Athlete Guide

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I read the IM Wisconsin Athlete Guide on my flight out here and was surprised to find myself laughing out loud on the plane.  Some of the tips were either too obvious, even for the newbie triathlete, or too true!  Here are some of my favorites:

Please do not wear your bib number in the swim.  Leave it in your Swim to Bike gear bag and put it on before you head out on the bike course. Numbers will not hold up for the duration of the race if they get wet.

For bike shipping:

[If using Tri Bike Transport] After the race, walk your bike over to Tri Bike Transport directly from transition, drop it off and forget about it until you get home.  Tri Bike Transport will deliver it back to you.

[If packing your bike yourself and shipping on an airline] Pack your bike as if you were shipping a carton of eggs.  Boldly label your bike case.

For pre-race prep:

Ironman’s Chief Physician recommends you begin hydrating heavily several days before the race and drink enough water so your urine is clear, colorless and copious by race day.


Author: sarabstro

My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

One thought on “IM Moo Athlete Guide

  1. Ok, I BURST out laughing at the “please do not wear your bib number in the swim”

    Still laughing! hahahahaha!!!!

    And while the urine thing makes sense, um, hmmm. ew.

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