Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Ironman #2 – Race Anxiety

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Yes, I raced Ironman Lake Placid last year.

Yes, I finished.

Yes, I am an Ironman.

So, why on earth would I have any anxiety over Ironman Wisconsin?  What’s the big deal, right?  To be honest, I feel like a newbie all over again.  This year’s Ironman race is a whole new adventure for me.  Besides being in a new location (Madison, WI as opposed to Lake Placid, NY) and a different time of year (September vs. July), my preparation for the race was completely different.  I spent the first half of the season just trying to figure out where to ride my bike in Boston.  I swam by myself mostly at the Charlestown Y.  I had to reward myself with coffee at Sorelle or Zumes, but it wasn’t the same as gabbing with the girls after mornings at Eastern Market.  And, most importantly, I had to overcome a bike accident and regain confidence on the bike.

So, I’m packing my race bags right now, fretting over what to bring and feeling a little anxious.  Then, I start to recall a few key things for this Ironman

  • Remember to respect the distance
  • Be prepared for any type of weather
  • Know that every workout over the past 26 weeks counted
  • Be grateful for the family and friends who helped along the way
  • And smile every time I see Mom, Dad, Beth and Serendipity on the course!

Here’s to a great race on Sunday!


Author: sarabstro

My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

One thought on “Ironman #2 – Race Anxiety

  1. Each new adventure brings new and exciting challenges. I know you’ll be prepared for anything! Last year’s weather didn’t stop you, and you’ve overcome some big hurdles for this year. You’ll rock it!!! We’ll be watching…

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