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Gear Review: Sneakers and Saddles

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Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Karhu Fast Fulcrum Ride

Weight: 9.4 oz

I just got these new sneakers, thanks to The Nation’s Triathlon!  Craft and Karhu are sponsors of this year’s race – and I’m a brand ambassador for the race.

I wore the sneaks at the Wheelworks Multisport track practice at Tufts University last night.   The shoe has a low profile around the ankle, which made it feel a little loose on my left foot.  By the end of the workout, my left toes were rubbing a little too.  I do LOVE the colors!  And, the shoes are incredibly light! Overall, I was satisfied with the shoes and plan to put some more mileage on them.  I’ll still wear my trusty Brooks Glycerin for IM Wisconsin though.

Specialized Toupe Saddle

The standard saddle that came with my Scott Plasma has been driving me crazy!  Short or long rides, it was uncomfortable!  And, I’m not that picky about my seats!  So, I was in the bike shop after a 75 mile ride on Saturday and quickly realized I had no more time to waffle about getting a new bike seat – IM MOO is less than a month away!  The selection at the shop was minimal, but the guys were cool and let me test out a few.  How you decide on a saddle online is still a mystery to me.

I selected the Specialized Toupe Saddle.  It’s a minimalist road saddle.  I love that its light and small!  It’s probably not the proper saddle for my bike.  But, I liked it after a 75 mile ride and in regular shorts.  So, that’s got to be worth something.  Oh, and Wheelworks said if I didn’t like the seat after a week, I could exchange it!  How great is that? We’ll see if I’m still satisfied after my big ride this weekend.

Specialized Toupe Saddle

Specialized Toupe Saddle


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My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

One thought on “Gear Review: Sneakers and Saddles

  1. Of COURSE you love the color of the shoes! Both colors are you. 🙂 Very cute.

    Nice saddle too! 🙂 Hope it rides well for you!!!!!! Your tailbone will surely let you know if it doesn’t 😉

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