Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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My “first” Marathon

Post-race bliss

I finished my first pure marathon this weekend – the Phoenix Rock’n’Roll Marathon.  Total time: 4:23.  I was rolling with the 4 hour pace group through the first half, then I lost it.  I’ve been trying to blame my decline on the heat (77 degrees compared to the average 25 degrees it is in Boston), the lack of scenery (highways and strip malls), and the sparse water stations.  But, I guess the truth of the matter is, I could have trained a bit longer.  I definitely didn’t feel the same joy as I did post Ironman.  So, while I’m tempted to try to get faster, I think I’ll stick to my tris for now.

Regardless of my race performance, it was great to catch up with my good friend Tiffani who completed her first half this weekend…and is now hooked on running!


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New Year, New Races

While most people spent the days following New Year’s vowing to drink less and excerise more, I quickly found a buzz of chatter between gmail and facebook about the 2009 race season.  After some careful planning and consideration with my IM Moo training buddies, DC Tri Chix and new Boston recruits, here is my tentative race schedule for the year ahead!

2009 Race Season

January 18: Phoenix Rock’n’Roll Marathon

June 6: Mooseman International Tri

June 20: Patriot Half (MA)

July 26: IMLP (volunteering, cheering, training – not racing)

September 13: IM MOO

Sept 20: Savageman (Relay)

I might toss in some swim meets or open water swims and a couple short runs too.  More suggestions welcome!