Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation


Boston is for Runners

If Virginia is for Lovers, then Boston is for runners. 

While I spent plenty of time in running around the greater DC region, never have I seen so many runners throughout a day as I have in my first three weeks here in Boston.  From the wee hours of the morning to the chilly late nights, I see runners constantly.  Maybe it’s that whole marathon thing…  It’s definitely the place to be if I want to improve my time for next year.  I’ll have to check out Bill Rodger’s running center, Boston Running Company, and Marathon Sports.

Running in the cold is not nearly half as bad as I thought it might be.  I took a 10 mile run on Sunday with my friend Wynter.  We jogged along the river and around Fresh Pond, then back to Brookline.  I’ve got the earband and base layers down! 

What I’m still looking for are some suggestions on the best winter running tights.  Got recommendations?


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Did you miss IMLP?  Did you miss seeing the Janus Race Highlights video?  Well, you’ve got one more chance to view the event!  Versus will be broadcasting a one hour special on IMLP 2008 this weekend.  The show should be on Sunday at 3 pm.  There might be a repeat on Monday the 17th at 5 pm too.  Check your local listings!