Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Great Advice


Do you ever get advice that is just absolutely perfect? I recently reconnected with my high school swim coach and aquatics director of the Albany Academy pool, Bonnie Morse-Gillham, who also happens to be a triathlete! Given Bonnie’s experience (Nationals, World Team, and Hawaii Ironman!), I figured she would have some good advice – and she did!

Here’s what Bonnie recommended for my first Ironman:

“My advice to first timers is: ALWAYS KEEP SOMETHING IN RESERVE…..ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF THE RACE…….AND COME ACROSS THE LINE WITH A SMILE!! This advice has worked for everyone. It’s the athletes who go out like a bat outta hell that end up on the DNF (Did Not Finish) list…so don’t be one of those. Really get into it, talk to spectators, other athletes, officials, etc. High five people along the way…it is an awesome accomplishment, something you will savor for the rest of your life.”

I’m definitely going to keep Bonnie’s advice in mind on race day. I think my “team” (Mom, Dad, Seth, Sharon, Evie, Sherry, Mona, Andrew, Beth and Darcie) will be a great help too – especially with the t-shirts they will all be sporting on race day!



Author: sarabstro

My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

3 thoughts on “Great Advice

  1. And I will try to run that hill with you when the time comes ๐Ÿ™‚

    You should equip us with extra goods in case you need – although they already have those rescue “must have” list, you know, we could be even that much extra for ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    GO SARA!!!!

  2. Oh, I just read the Athlete Guide, and it says no one is allowed to run or support an athlete during the race. Boo! I think North America Sports/USAT should definitely reconsider that rule for first time Ironman participants or people who will finish in more than 12 hours!

    Mona – I think it will be all about your t-shirts and posters to get me up that hill – twice!

  3. GOOD LUCK! We’ll be thinking about you while we’re hung over from Kannan’s bday ๐Ÿ˜‰

    See you in New Jersey . . .

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