Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

Get Packing!


Looks like I’ll need to start my packing this weekend! Some friends prepped me about the special needs bags for the bike and run. But, I just received an email from the Community Fund about Race Bags – check out everything I’ll need below. It’s definitely a bit more involved than my other races! Good thing there’s an EMS outdoors store in Placid in case I forget anything!

Besides the standard extra bike tubes, CO2 cartridges, reflective tape (for when it gets dark on the run) and a long sleeve shirt, any recommendations on what I should put in my special needs bag? There’s no doubt I’ll have pringles and fritos in there! What else might be a good little treat to keep me going?

Race Bags:

In your race bags you will find the following key items:

  • Dry Clothes Bag – this is used to put any clothes you may wear down to the race start and clothing you may want at the end of the race. You will drop this bag on your way to the swim start and it will be available at the finish.
  • Swim to Bike Bag – this bag is for your bike helmet, shoes, sunglasses, clothing etc and anything else you will be putting on after you exit the swim and make the transition to the bike leg. This bag is checked in the day before the race at bike/gear bag check-in You will have access to this bag race morning should you forget anything.
  • Bike to Run Bag – This is for your running shoes, socks, hat, clothing change etc or anything you may need for the run leg. This bag is also checked the day before at the bike/ gear bag check-in, and you will have access to it on race morning if you forget anything.
  • Special Needs Bike – This is an optional use bag. Special needs for the bike is stationed at approximately 56 miles into the bike leg, right on Mirror Lake Drive, as you are completing the first loop of the bike course. You may use this option if there is anything special that you would like to pick-up at this point of the event. For example if you have a special drink mix that you would like to replenish, extra, back-up salt tablets, a spare tube or any other kind of comfort food/ item that you think-you may need or want and cannot get out on the course. DO NOT PLACE ANY VALUABLES INTO THIS BAG. We do try and return these bags to the transition area after the race BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE you will get them back. You will hand in this bag on race morning – you will have to make the walk down Mirror Lake Drive to drop this off. This is the same location as the drop for Run Special Needs. In addition we do have volunteers at this point on the bike course who will try and hand the bag off to you BUT be prepared to stop briefly if you really want to get your bag and it is busy.
  • Special Needs Run – Like the bike this bag is handed in on race morning on Mirror Lake Drive. During the race you will have the opportunity to pick-up these bags as you head to the turnaround on Mirror Lake Drive at 13 miles. It is for anything special you may need as you make the turn to start the second loop of the run. Special foods, drinks, salt tablets or even perhaps a warm shirt for those of you that may be out on the course late into the evening. Once again we will try and return these to you BUT IT IS NOT GURANTEED.

That’s a lot of stuff to prepare!  Any tips or thoughts about what may be good to have?  I think if I learned my lesson from Black Bear, some sunscreen and extra body glide will be a must!


Author: sarabstro

My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

4 thoughts on “Get Packing!

  1. S-
    Go get ’em! I don’t have any advice – since you are far more experienced at the tri’s than I am. You’ll do great – sounds like you are ready. I’ll be thinking about you on July 20 and sending good vibes all the way from here in Japan! – TV

  2. that could be a great reality show 🙂

  3. Sara,

    One other thing I thought of is Vasaline (in all your bags), it can save the day. I thow in random food in case I am having trouble with my race food.


  4. Good call on the Vaseline! I think I might even bring a little tube with me on the run for that pesky blister on my right foot! I could have used some at Black Bear for sure!

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