Celebrating 5 years of Ironman participation

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Black Bear or Bust!

Excitement, dread, eagerness, fear…these are all the things I’m feeling as I prepare to head out to my first Half Ironman race this weekend: BLACK BEAR.

The course will be tough! It starts with a pleasant 1.5 mile swim, then a hilly 56 mile bike ride and finishes with a 13 mile hilly run! What am I thinking?
Check out this video of the course!

The race kicks off Sunday at 8 am. My goals are as follow:

  • Have fun in the swim
  • Get my wetsuit off without too much of a struggle
  • Eat well on the bike ride
  • Stay strong on the climbs
  • Don’t worry about poking along
  • Remember to take some advil before the run (my shins have been hurting)
  • Reapply sunscreen
  • Walk if I need to
  • And, if possible, finish before the awards ceremony starts at 3 pm!

I’m excited to have some support at the race too! My buddy Derek is going up with me. And, my friend Jim and his crew will be there racing too!


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Too busy training

A lot of people have been wondering where I’ve been and why I have not posted recently….but do you really need to ask?

I’ve been training!

With the Black Bear Half Ironman race less than a month away, it’s time to get a little more serious about racing! Last week, I logged over 100 miles on my bike, ran about 25 miles, and swam at least 8,500 yards.

While it was great to get out for a nice, long solo ride to Sugarloaf on Friday, I really enjoyed the Saturday group workout with the DC Tri Club. We journeyed up to Columbia, MD to try out the race course there. We rode the 25 mile bike loop at least once and ran the 6.2 mile run loop. My friend Katie and here crew were a bit more serious than I, but we all had a great time with the hills and the picnic afterwards. You know you’re training well when hills seem like fun!

Bike, Run, Eat!

This week is a recovery week for me, so I’m taking it easy and trying to pull together all the little things for the next couple weeks.

1. Try out my new wetsuit

2. Buy new wheels for my bike – the back story coming soon!

3. Find a good 16-20 mile run in Chicago while I’m there for a wedding over Memorial Day Weekend