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When in France…

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We all know that traveling and training can be a challenge. I shared the story below with Paul at the pool this week and he insisted that I post it.

With three weddings and several other long weekend trips lined up for this Spring, I decided to take a stab at planning out my workouts along with plane tickets and hotels. Thanks to sites like Map My Run and Run the Planet, squeezing in runs from San Diego to Paris is not too much of a problem. But swimming? In France?

Here’s what I learned in Lille last weekend:

Prior to arriving in Lille (about two hours north of Paris) for a wedding, the bride-to-be, armed me with all the info I needed for my workouts during the wedding weekend in her hometown: maps of the town park, hours for two town pools, and bike rental places. So, on Sunday morning, feeling a little groggy from all the champagne consumed the night before, I trudged over to Piscine Triolo for my hour swim. After paying my 2.80 Euros and making it through the locker room/coat check confusion, I found myself in the middle of the pool deck.

The place was packed at 10 am on Sunday! A line of children waiting for the slide wrapped the pool deck. Three lap lanes were filled to the brim – there were about 10-15 people per lane – all swimming breaststroke! I squeezed my way into a lane and pushed through a few hundred yards of free. But, once a young couple in my lane took a break between laps to make out, I knew it was time to go.

Have you had a challenge training while traveling? Any tips for training while on the road? Please share or read more from the DC Tri Club!

Author: sarabstro

My name is Sara Strope. I'm hooked on triathlons. I spend my days building a health tech startup, promoting organ donation, and producing events. Oh, and training!

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